There is a saying that when you host company in your home, be nice until the very last minute they are your guests. If you are nice until the last ten minutes, and then have “words”, the “words” will be remembered and the good time prior to those last minutes will be forgotten.

The Browns have had a tough go since their reincarnation in 1999. They have had three owners, eight head coaches, a new and then remodeled stadium, countless staff members, and at least four team presidents. (It is hard to keep an accurate count; it is as though some leave in the middle of the night). Yet one thing has not changed. THEY CAN’T FINISH A GAME. These fifteen years of torture go to show that you can change owners, presidents and head coach but you can’t change culture that easily. THEY STILL CAN’T FINISH A GAME.

The first year after LeBron left Cleveland for the Heat was 2011. The Heat lost in the Finals. Many remember Game 5 when the Heat team was ahead near the end of the game. LeBron and Wade started to celebrate and with 2:44 in the game Dallas never relinquished the lead. That year the HEAT COULD NOT FINISH THE GAME.

The difference is that Miami learned how to finish a game. The Cleveland Browns have not learned that you have to play past the last whistle. If you never plan on picking up a ball, whatever shape it is, you may think this has nothing to do with you.

In your presentation, your speech, your interview, or your phone call-you have to know you have to play past the last whistle.

On Shark Tank, participants are often unprepared for the question and answer period of their presentation. For these participants, the Q & A is the final “whistle” and participants appear to not realize this until they are gobbled up by a shark. Everyone has a final period to play through whether they realize it on or not.

Your final minutes may be after a presentation when you sit down and think your show is over. Or your final minutes may be how you treat the wait staff after the meal or how you drive out of a parking lot. Your final minutes may be when you don’t send a thank you note whether or not you realized it was expected. You always have to play past the whistle. YOU HAVE TO FINISH THE GAME.


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