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Kari Warberg Block, Founder and CEO of earthkind®

I started my company, earthkind®, makers of natural preventive repellants, because I was on a mission. As the wife of a farmer and daughter of an entomologist, I couldn’t understand why, at the time, 98% of pest control solutions sold were kill methods and poisons. I started out on my mission to create products that eliminated the need for poison use in the home, and in 2007, earthkind® hit store shelves with the first-ever botanical repellent to meet EPA efficacy standards for control of a public health risk pest. Today, earthkind® is a multi-million dollar national business, with potential to grow to $100 million+.

Michael Kanazawa, Americas Enterprise Innovation Leader, Ernst & Young

The new disciplines of Innovative Transformers

In today’s environment, disruptive external forces are mandating that companies of all sizes and maturity gain the ability to self-disrupt their growth path and pivot to new directions as quickly as Silicon Valley start-ups. Every successful startup is a unique creation of new products, new markets and new ways of delivering value for customers where innovation, changes in direction and disruption can be weekly events. However, as companies grow, unwritten ways of ‘how things get done’, core competencies, leadership models, and high commitment investments all create a force of inertia, the tendency for things to stay the same. With the mandate to drive greater innovation, how are CEOs driving innovation into the core of their businesses?

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Dr. Linda Gravett, Author, Learning Agility: The Impact on Recruitment and Retention

A culture of learning agility, or flexible learning, can be a true asset to any organization.  Learning agile employees provide creative, customer-focused approaches to help foster an energetic and ever-evolving workplace.  This is a company’s competitive advantage.



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