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Andrew Faas, Author, The Bully’s Trap: Bullying in the Workplace

Throughout my career as a manager and executive, creating positive high-performing cultures has been core to my success and, by extension, the employees I was responsible for and the organizations I represented. 

During and since the release of my book, The Bully's Trap - Bullying in the Workplace, I have received a lot of pushback from executives who discount the value of a positive culture and consider culture initiatives as a bunch of human resources gobbledygook. What I do agree with on this is: when cultural initiatives are not tied to performance, it usually is gobbledygook.

Ruth Ross, Speaker, Author, Engagement Evangelist

Most times, when we hear the word engagement we immediately travel to that exciting moment when two people come together and pledge love, dedication and the remainder of their lives together. But engagement is more than the magical moment that occurs between two people. Engagement is the act of pledging yourself and dedicating yourself not just to a person, but also to a mission, a vision and a purpose. It can occur at an exquisite level between your heart and soul and career. We all desire to feel highly connected with what we do.

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William Dann, Founder & President, Professional Growth Systems, LLC,

Popular organizational development literature is filled with articles about how the millennial generation is compelling managers and theorists to re-examine management practices. 

Annual Gallup surveys have consistently shown that only one-third of workers are “engaged in their jobs.”  Gallup defines engaged employees as “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.” The same surveys find that 20% of workers are highly committed and 60% are somewhat committed.



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