Are your company’s stated values rhetoric or rule? Seems fitting to pose this question in honor of 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta last month. The actions of feudal barons outside London shaped this discussion 800 years ago – and it has direct consequence on the levels of productivity within any business. Understanding the impact of the Magna Carta can help you realize the potential within your company and improve performance.

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Craig W. Ross, CEO & President, Verus Global

Beware: Those on your exec team may be masquerading as leaders. They may be unaware that, in reality, they are behaving as bosses. You might have a team of bosses on your hands—and if you do, you could be one as well.

Successful companies thrive under great leadership. However, when serving at the helm of an organization it can be easy to get caught up in everyday transactional tasks—emails, meetings, budgets—leaving leadership a lower priority on the to-do list.  Unfortunately, this can turn want-to-be leaders into bosses. You know you’re a boss when…

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Scott Edinger, Author, The Hidden Leader

Every time I’ve worked with a senior team in the strategy formulation process, we’ve succeeded. Of course, I’ve never heard any group of executives say their strategy failed when it was created. It is in the implementation or execution that strategies falter, because most strategies rely on people in the organization taking action in new or different ways. That doesn’t happen by declaration. And it doesn’t happen when people are sent to training programs, though it is popular to pitch this to HR or Talent Management. If you want your strategy to work, it is up to the CEO and senior leaders of the business to drive it and you’ll need the help of what I call Hidden Leaders to be your exemplars and role models.



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