As we sat there pondering life on the Inca trail with our family this past New Years, my wife and I realized that this was the dismount on 15 years of core family travel. Our kids are now 24, 21, and 18. Significant others would surely be added to this group and other trips will take place, but our plan for our core family was complete. We reflected on how if we didn’t make a plan and commit, so many very special experiences would have never materialized. The joy we received was very special and time will tell how this impacts our kids.

Many financial planners suggest that you should adopt savings habits by “paying yourself first”. This means that you should save first, and spend afterwards. Well what if you applied this basic concept to a more valuable commodity in your life than money, time? What if you “planned yourself first” and knew when your rests and time off were coming a year in advance? Would you be able to sprint to those rest periods with better form and style? Would you be able to accomplish more results in the sprint periods knowing that a rest (and probably a well planned quality rest) was coming?


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