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Judd Hollas, Founder & Chief Inventor, EquityNet

Just some years ago the term “crowdfunding” was a foreign concept to many people who didn’t understand this new and alternative way to access capital. However, today the word has now become a part of the everyday business vernacular. In fact, businesses last year raised more than 5.1 billion dollars worldwide using this practice.

This is the time of year when many small businesses get inquiries from students about spring or summer internships. So do you hire or not? Should you pay interns? How do you find the one that might…just might… turn out to be your next employee? Over the years we have offered internships at various times. Some of them worked well. In two cases, the interns became full-time employees right out of college. One experience ended up quite badly. The student was arrested for sexual assault a year or so after he completed his semester with us.

It seems that everyone is focused on closing out 2013 and thinking about the New Year. There are countless media reports that look back at the big stories. There are editorials about what people want to change or accomplish in 2014.  Even though it might seem trite I wanted to add a little to the conversation.



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