There is currently a lot of enthusiasm for the concept of employee engagement. This is because of substantial amounts of credible research showing a strong positive correlation between higher engagement levels and better business results. Things like "research" and "business results" sound like solid, respectable things to deal with. But here's the dirty little secret about employee engagement: achieving higher levels of engagement calls for the application of selling and marketing techniques, and the thought of that can make some people a little squeamish.

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William M. Dann, Author, Creating High Performers

I recently attended a speech by best-selling author Daniel Pink [1] in which he summarized research on shifts in employee motivators. The old “if-then motivators” of giving bonuses for the achievement of goals no longer work.  Work has become too complex and is changing too rapidly for such simple formulas to be relevant and to motivate performance.

If you want a good demonstration in how not to lead served up in a convenient, 43-minute package, just watch an episode of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen.



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