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Ruth Saunders, Author, Marketing in the Boardroom: Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Board


An unfortunate but familiar scenario frequently plays out.

A team comes up with a breakthrough idea that could not only drive short term growth but also ensure long-term financial stability. But once in the boardroom it all falls apart, with members exposing cracks in the investment strategy where outcomes have not been clearly outlined or supported with adequate financial projections or relevant data. Defeat hangs heavy in the room, offset with blank stares and the demand to re-write plans.

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Shari Levitin, Author, Speaker & CEO, Shari Levitin Group

1. Go for the standing ovation every time.

The ultimate downfall for most business people is their inability to handle rejection. But if you’re going to make it as an entrepreneur, you have to be able to take rejection… lots of it. My mentor told me a long time ago to count the number of “no’s” I get and realize that each “no” simply moves you closer to a “yes.”

“Give each pitch your best shot each time,” he told me. “Never take a shortcut.”

the ceo magazine, negotiation,
Dr. Robin L. Pinkley, Professor, Management and Organizations, Cox School of Business at SMU

Whether professional negotiator or novice, you negotiate when you rise in the morning until you sleep at night, over everything from carpool duty with your spouse to managing relations with external vendors.  Shifting organizational forms, unprecedented economic pressures, and the need to juggle many roles simultaneously suggest the need to negotiate effectively and efficiently in all aspects of your life. So the question isn’t whether you’ll negotiate today, but how well?



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