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Mike Canning, Strategy & Innovation Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

In my leadership role, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and dynamic leaders in business. In the face of a challenging and quickly changing global marketplace, I see many leaders who are thoughtful in their management approach, and respond with smart strategies and action.

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During the Roman republic, the river Rubicon marked the boundary between the Roman province of Cisalpine Gaul to the north-east and Italy proper to the south. The river distinguished not only the geographic boundaries for the province but also the military restrictions for governors and magistrates. Therefore, rulers required generals to disband their armies before entering Italy, and if a general entered Italy while exercising command of an army, both the general and his soldiers became outlaws who automatically faced death.

Michael Kanazawa, Americas Enterprise Innovation Leader, Ernst & Young

The new disciplines of Innovative Transformers

In today’s environment, disruptive external forces are mandating that companies of all sizes and maturity gain the ability to self-disrupt their growth path and pivot to new directions as quickly as Silicon Valley start-ups. Every successful startup is a unique creation of new products, new markets and new ways of delivering value for customers where innovation, changes in direction and disruption can be weekly events. However, as companies grow, unwritten ways of ‘how things get done’, core competencies, leadership models, and high commitment investments all create a force of inertia, the tendency for things to stay the same. With the mandate to drive greater innovation, how are CEOs driving innovation into the core of their businesses?



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