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Dr. Liz Alexander, Author, FOUND: Transforming Your Unlimited Ideas into One Sustainable Business

In April 2015, Nina Mufleh crafted a well-researched and thoughtful whitepaper outlining why Airbnb should consider expanding into the Middle East. She wasn’t yet part of their marketing team, but wanted to be. This was her audacious attempt to attract a job offer from the company. Within minutes of posting the link on Twitter, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and CMO Jonathan Mildenhall invited her in for a chat.

Have you ever met a manager who intended to motivate staff but instead demoralized them?  Most have no idea of their negative effect. And that’s definitely not their intention. In talking with such managers or those who report to them, what surfaces are habits, attitudes, practices, and skill deficiencies that lead employees to disrespect, disengage, and decide to leave them for a more pleasant workplace.

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Danna Korn, Co-Founder & CEO, Sonic Boom Wellness

Entrepreneurs are forced to move a mile a minute.  We carry an entire business on our shoulders, with a constant stream of employees coming to us for guidance (not to mention feeling responsible for the livelihood of all these employees – on top of wondering if we’re actually going to make it, or end up financially ruined ourselves).  It can all become incredibly overwhelming incredibly quickly.

William R. Seagraves, President & Founder, CatchFire Funding

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, it’s always smart to have a game plan. Living in the moment is a great mantra, just not if you’re a business owner. In order to get the results you desire, preparation is key – and that includes determining how to finance your business. The way you fund your business will have a significant effect on its eventual success so you definitely want to do your research and think deeply about all the options.

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Kris Finstad, CEO & Founder, ContentChecked

According to a report from National Venture Capital Association, in 2015 the venture capital ecosystem distributed $58.8 billion to startups across the U.S., an increase from $48.3 billion in 2014 and a clear indicator of the continued growth of the entrepreneurial market. However, penetrating the U.S. market is a challenge in and of itself due to the sheer size, population and the growing number of startups flocking to the states. Statistics have shown that only 10 percent of startups launching in the U.S. are successful. This daunting truth can be attributed to a variety of reasons including culture clashes, differences in business practices, and the competitiveness of the startup scene.


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